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  • Filing for bankruptcy? You Are Not Alone!

    Celebrities who have filed for bankruptcy.

    If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, please remember that you are not alone! Bankruptcy filing is on the rise, if you feel stressed and overwhelmed at the prospect of filing for bankruptcy, let us help you through the process. Contact one of the honest bankruptcy lawyers at the My AZ Lawyers, (a Phoenix, Arizona bankruptcy firm), and find out if filing for bankruptcy might be the right choice for you.

    Throughout the history of the United States there have been several famous people (politicians, actors, Presidents, athletes) who have filed for Bankruptcy protection and utilized their right to a fresh financial start. It is their right to do so and they took advantage of their right.

    Below is a list of famous people who have filed for bankruptcy. A majority of these listed individuals utilized the bankruptcy process out of necessity and to obtain a fresh start. Through bankruptcy they were given a new chance to rebuild their financial position.

    Please take a look at the list below as you will recognize several names. There are famous actors, entertainers, athletes, and politicians. We did not post this list to embarrass anyone, we posted this list of famous people who have filed for bankruptcy to  show that you are not alone in filing for bankruptcy.  Hard financial times can happen to anyone and the experienced bankruptcy lawyers and attorneys at the My AZ Lawyers, PLLC believe that everyone deserves a “Fresh Start”.

    In 2009, there were well over 1 millions bankruptcies filed in the United States!

    One of the many misconceptions people have regarding the October 2005 amendments to the Bankruptcy Laws is that it is now very difficult to qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. Most individuals, however, still easily qualify under the new laws.

    If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation to decide what might be the best course of action to help you with your current financial situation.

    Throughout the State of Arizona thousands of people and numerous businesses file for bankruptcy every year. It is likely that you may know, friends, family members, coworkers and neighbors who have filed, but they just don’t advertise it. There are many famous people in the United States who have filed for bankruptcy protection over the past years. Because they are well know and due to their celebrity status their bankruptcy filings are reported by and fixated on through the media. Bankruptcy relief in the United States has been around since the 1800’s.  Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of The United States, filed for bankruptcy not just once but twice to start over with a “Fresh Start”. You, like Abraham Lincoln, have a constitutional right to a fresh financial just like the famous individuals below.

    A List of Famous People who have Filed for Bankruptcy

    Abraham Lincoln
    16th President of the United States
    Benedict Arnold
    Betrayed colonists to British
    John James Audubon
    Illustrated Birds of America
    P.T. Barnum
    The Great American circus owner
    John Barrymore
    Actor; Romeo & Juliet
    Lionel Bart
    British composer – lyricist – playwright (1972)
    Kim Basinger
    Oscar – winning actress (1993)
    Frank Baum
    Wizard of Oz author
    Barbara Bel Geddes
    Actor; Miss Elle on Dallas
    Melvin Belli
    Famous Lawyer known as ‘The King of Torts’
    Bunny Berigan
    Jazz trumpeter great
    George Best
    Manchester United soccer
    Jay Black
    rock star, lead member of “Jay and the Americans” (1986)
    John Wayne Bobbitt
    Penectomy survivor
    Peter Bogdanovich
    American Filmographer
    Bjorn Borg
    Pro tennis player
    Lorraine Bracco
    Oscar – nominated actress (1999)
    Matthew Brady
    portrait / US Civil War photographer (1872)
    Toni Braxton
    rock star (1998)
    Louise Brooks
    Actor; Pandora’s Box
    Sylvia Browne
    Afraid to accept Randi’s $1million challenge
    Lenny Bruce
    Comic; Multiply obscene comic
    Buffalo Bill
    Wild West showman
    Gary Burghoff
    Radar O’Reilly in MASH
    Anita Bryant
    singer, 1958 Miss America 2nd runner up (1997)
    Crazy Cabbie
    Radio personality on the Howard Stern menagerie
    Tia Carrere
    Actor; Wayne’s World
    Nell Carter
    Actor; Housekeeper on Gimme a Break
    Raymond Carver
    Author; Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?
    Miguel de Cervantes
    Novelist; Don Quixote
    George Clinton
    rock star (1984) (note: this is not the composer George S. Clinton)
    Samuel L. Clemens (“Mark Twain”)
    best – selling American author – humorist (1894)
    Natalie Cole
    Gary Coleman
    actor (1999)
    Concrete Blonde
    rock group
    John Connally
    Former Texas Governor, wounded in 1963 Kennedy assassination in Dallas (1987)
    Francis Ford Coppola
    Oscar – winning film writer – director – producer (1999)
    Cathy Lee Crosby
    Actress – American Author (1992)
    David Crosby
    singer / songwriter
    Aleister Crowley
    Wickedest man in the world
    Vic Damone
    singer (1971)
    Dorothy Dandridge
    Oscar- nominated actress singer (1963)
    Darren Day
    Music Theater Star
    Daniel Defoe
    Author; Robinson Crusoe
    Lee De Forest
    Oscar-winning film/sound synchronization pioneer, producer (1937)
    Dino De Laurentis
    Oscar – winning film producer (1988)
    John DeLorean
    Automobile designer and entrepreneur
    Clarissa Dickson Wright
    Star of “Two Fat Ladies” TV cooking show fame (2003)
    Walt Disney
    Oscar – winning film producer, animation & theme park pioneer (1923)
    Henry Dunant
    Red Cross founder
    William C. Durant
    Founder of General Motor
    Eddy “the eagle” Edwards
    Great Britain’s first Olympic ski jumper (1991)
    Chris Eubank
    Former World Champion Boxer (2005)
    Keith Famie
    Survivor II: The Australian Outback contestant, chef-restauranter, American Author (1996/97)
    Freddy Fender
    Musician; Before the Next Teardrop Falls
    Stephin Fetchit
    Actor; Professional black stereotype
    Eddie Fisher
    Singer; crooner dumped by Liz Taylor
    Mick Fleetwood
    rock star, lead member of “Fleetwood Mac” (1984)
    Heidi Fleiss
    Clothing line founder; American author
    Henry Ford
    Automobile manufacturer
    William Fox
    Co-Founder of 20th Century Fox Film Corporation (1936)
    Red Foxx
    actor – entertainer
    R. Buckminster Fuller
    Architect-futurist-invented the geodesic dome
    Zsa Zsa Gabor
    Cop-slapping Gabor sister
    Marvin Gaye
    singer (1970s)
    Andy Gibb
    rock star (1987)
    Gary Glitter
    Rock and Roll Part 2
    Bernhard Goetz
    Subway vigilante criminal
    Charles Goodyear
    19th century American inventor, who discovered how to vulcanize rubber
    Ulysses S. Grant
    18th US President; Civil War general, best-selling American Author, face is pictured on the US fifty dollar bill ( 1884 after leaving office)
    Elizabeth Ward Gracen
    actress; model; Miss America 1982 (1999)
    Paulo Gucci
    Bob Guccione
    publisher and founder of Penthouse magazine (2003)
    Johannes Gutenberg
    Inventor of movable type
    Tony Gwynn
    San Diego Padres baseball player
    Merle Haggard
    country music star (1993)
    Corey Haim
    actor (1997)
    Frans Hals
    Dutch portraitist
    Dorothy Hamill
    Olympic gold-medal ice-skater (1996)
    M.C. Hammer
    rock star (1996)
    George Frideric Handel
    Messiah composer
    Richard Harris
    Oscar-nominated actor-producer-director
    Isaac Hayes
    Oscar-winning songwriter – composer – musician -singer (1976)
    H.J. Heinz
    Founder of Heinz Ketchup
    Margaux Hemingway
    Troubled actress OD’d on klonopin
    Sherman Hemsley
    ‘Jeffersons’ actor (2002)
    Ty Herndon
    Country music star caught in cruisy park
    Milton Snavely Hershey
    founder of Hershey’s chocolate
    Kent Hovind
    Creation Science huckster
    Steve Howe
    Pitcher, multiple teams, Major League Baseball
    E. Howard Hunt
    Coordinated Watergate break-in
    Nelson Bunker Hunt
    Tried to corner the silver market
    Ron Isley
    Rhythm-and blues singer (mid late 1990s)
    La Toya Jackson
    Michael Jackson’s sister, rock star (1995)
    Don Johnson
    “Miami Vice” Star, actor-producer
    Eli Jacobs
    Former Baltimore Orioles owner
    Janice – Marie Johnson
    rock star/disco diva (1980s)
    Al Jolson
    “Miami Vice“, “Nash Bridges”
    George Jones
    Country music singer
    Grace Jones Singer
    Model, Entertainer 1992
    Kacey Jones
    country music star, musical humorist
    Clay Jordan
    Survivor V: Thailand contestant; restauranter (2001)
    Chaka Kahn
    singer, rock star
    Charles Keating
    Morality crusader, white-collar swindler
    Buster Keaton
    Actor, The General
    Bernard Kerik
    NYC Police Commissioner, 2000-2001
    Margot Kidder
    Lois Lane in Superman movie
    Larry King
    talk-show host, best selling American author (1978)
    Robert Kiyosaki
    Rich Dad, Poor Dad author
    Marion “Suge” Knight
    Death Row Records Rap Producer 2006
    Bowie Kuhn
    former US baseball commissioner
    Gary Kurtz
    Oscar-nominated film producer
    Veronica Lake
    actress (1951)
    Lorenzo Lamas
    actor (2004)
    Cyndi Lauper
    rock star (1983)
    Anton LaVey
    Founder of the Church of Satan
    Stan Lee
    Comic book industry pioneer , co-creator “Spider Man,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “The X-Men” etc (2001)
    Jerry Lewis
    Jerry Lee Lewis
    famous Rock n’ Roll star
    Horace Liveright
    Publisher of the Modern Library series
    Meat Loaf
    rock star (1983)
    Joe Louis
    Boxer 1956
    Ashley MacIsaac
    musician fiddler (2000)
    Jackie Mason
    comedian – entertainer
    Henry Mayhew
    Punch journalist
    Mindy McCready
    Country Music star , American author
    George McGovern
    South Dakota Governor, politician 1991
    William McKinley
    25th US President 1897-1901
    Tom Metzger
    white supremacist
    Marvin Mitchelson
    celebrity divorce lawyer
    Melba Moore
    Singer – Actress
    Debelah Morgan
    Singer -Songwriter – Producer (2000)
    Lorrie Morgan
    Country music star, American Author
    Robert Morris
    Politician who financed Revolutionary War
    Levi P. Morton
    Vice President under Benjamin Harrison
    Motor City Five/MCS
    rock group of the 1960s (1970)
    John Nash
    British Regency architect
    Willie Nelson
    singer-songwriter-actor, American Author (1990)
    Wayne Newton
    Las Vegas icon, singer-actor – entertainer (1992)
    Harry Nilsson
    singer/songwriter; Me and My Arrow
    F. Donald Nixon
    President Richard Nixon’s brother
    Immanuel Nobel
    father of manufacturers – philanthropist Alfred Nobel , who founded the Nobel Prize (twice – 1833/year Alfred was born, 1856/ when Alfred was 23)
    Mary Nolan
    actress (1931)
    Emperor Norton
    Emperor of the United States and protector of Mexico
    Ted Nugent
    Rock Star
    Kate O’Brien
    The Land of Spices novelist
    Thomas Paine
    Common Sense activist
    Johnny Paycheck
    country music star (1976)
    Tom Petty
    rock star (1979)
    Gaylord Perry
    major league baseball player
    Philip II
    King of Spain, 1556-1598
    Buddy Post
    Lottery millionaire
    Susan Powter
    exercise/fitness expert, talk show host, best selling American Author (1995)
    Burt Prelutsky
    American television writer; screenwriter (1997)
    Randy Quaid
    Lynn Redgrave
    Tommy Rettig
    actor; Jeff Miller in Lassie
    Burt Reynolds
    Oscar-nominated actor – director , American Author (1995)
    Debbie Reynolds
    Oscar nominated actress-singer, American Author (1997)
    Mickey Rooney
    Oscar nominated actor, American Author (1962)
    Rick Ross
    Activist; cult expert, deprogrammer
    Run DMC
    Rap Group in 1993
    Harry Saltzman
    film producer (James Bond movies) (1975)
    Derek Sanderson
    Hockey Player
    Ray Sawyer
    rock star, member of “Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show” (1973)
    Oskar Schindler
    activist who saved over 1000 Jews from the Nazis
    country music band (1991)
    Billy Sims
    NFL football player, Detroit Lions RB
    Tom Sizemore
    Heat, Robbery Homicide Division actor
    Anna Nicole Smith
    Model-Actress, 1993 Playboy magazine “Playmate of the Year”(1996)
    Dee Snider
    Twisted Sister lead and front man, musician
    Phoebe Snow
    Jazz vocalist
    Lynne Spears
    American author, mother of rock star Britney Spears (1998, filed with husband James prior to Britney’s stardom)
    Leon Spinks
    Sheryl Swoopes
    Three-time WNBA MVP
    J. Fife Symington
    Governor of Arizona (1995, while still in office)
    Lawrence Taylor
    NFL hall of famer
    Randall Terry
    Operation Rescue founder
    Nikola Tesla
    Invented alternating current
    Donald Trump
    billionaire entrepreneur, TV personality
    rock group (1995)
    Mark Twain
    Huckleberry Finn author
    Mike Tyson
    boxer (2003)
    Johnny Unitas
    legendary Hall of Fame football quarterback
    John Whitehead
    Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now, musician
    Oscar Wilde
    acclaimed poet and author
    James Wilson
    U.S. Supreme Court Justice 1789-1798
    Tammy Wynette
    country music star (1988)
    Florenz Ziegfeld
    actor, the Ziegfeld Follies

    And the list keeps growing and growing.


    They all filed bankruptcy,
    …and then got on with their lives.

    Bad times come to all of us…even celebrities and politicians.

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