Do You Need to File Bankruptcy in a Hurry?



When you don’t have the time it normally takes to file the proper documents, detailed financial history statements, and other paperwork for bankruptcy, consider seeking the advice of  My AZ Lawyers to discuss the option of an emergency bankruptcy.

If you need the the bankruptcy protection of an automatic stay immediately, and you cannot wait to complete all the required bankruptcy forms, an emergency bankruptcy filing may be necessary. After filing for bankruptcy, the automatic stay instantly stops most creditors from collection activity. The automatic stay is a powerful protection as it prohibits a lawsuit filed against you and most actions against your property by a collection agency or creditor.

Why an Emergency Bankruptcy?

After deciding to file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, there is a filing process including gathering documents, completing forms, and pre-bankruptcy planning. If your case requires that you need to file for bankruptcy and there is no time for extensive paperwork, you can file an emergency bankruptcy.  The decision to file for an emergency bankruptcy may depend on specific circumstances that make it necessary to file the emergency petition.

An emergency bankruptcy can prevent:

  • Car repossession
  • Eviction
  • Home foreclosure
  • A lawsuit against you
  • Wage garnishment


infographic on steps to filing an emergency bankruptcy in Arizona

Why you need My AZ Lawyers to Assist in a Bankruptcy

My AZ Lawyers bankruptcy attorneys are experts in Arizona bankruptcy law and have experience successfully filing bankruptcies and emergency bankruptcies in Arizona. Our firm’s bankruptcy department will help you assess your debt, file a bankruptcy petition, manage the appropriate documents and financial information needed, and give you an understanding of the process from beginning to end.

My AZ Bankruptcy Lawyers

How to Successfully  File an Emergency Bankruptcy

With the help of the experienced Arizona bankruptcy attorneys at My AZ Lawyers, a minimal amount of documents and a simplified, emergency petition need to be filed. My AZ Lawyers bankruptcy team then helps you to file the remainder of the paperwork at a later time. An attorney will follow the steps and help you meet all the requirements necessary to complete an emergency bankruptcy.

A lawyer will provide the skeleton petition (called this because of the minimum required documentation that need to be filed in order to start your case) which includes a bankruptcy petition, a Creditor Matrix, a statement of Social Security Number, and a certificate of Credit Counseling. There is a filing fee that is paid with the skeleton petition. After filing, an associate at My AZ Lawyers will assist you with the remaining paperwork, schedules, statements, and necessary documents.

You can count on the bankruptcy team at My AZ Lawyers to see you through the process. There is an advantage to working with a successful Arizona Bankruptcy Law Firm. Because of their knowledge of the Arizona bankruptcy law, and because they have extensive experience successfully representing clients needing emergency, Chapter 7, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, the bankruptcy department at My AZ Lawyers will provide you with the expert assistance you need to fulfill your debt relief and financial goals.



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