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Chandler Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy Services in Chandler

Needing a Chandler bankruptcy lawyer?  If so, when you need experienced legal representation from an affordable bankruptcy lawyer or attorney in Chandler, AZ and in Maricopa County, Arizona, to best help resolve your legal issues.  Our Chandler bankruptcy lawyer can help.  Therefore if you are filing, Chapter 7, Chapter 13, wage garnishments, repossessions, debt settlement, or foreclosure law, the experienced  Chandler bankruptcy attorneys at our Chandler law office can assist any of these legal needs

Affordable Chandler Bankruptcy Attorneys

Filing Bankruptcy In Chandler

Is filing for bankruptcy your best choice?  Do you even qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Chandler? 

Bankruptcy protection is a consumer right that stops debt collector harassment, puts an end to lawsuits and wage garnishment, and can give you a clean slate by eliminating debt. If your life is consumed with outstanding and overwhelming credit card payments, car or mortgage payments, or if you are facing life circumstances that is causing undue financial hardship, your best options may be bankruptcy. 

Consider consulting the experienced Chandler Bankruptcy Law firm if you are experiencing the following:  a free debt evaluation and consultation with an attorney may be just what you need to get information, answers, advice, and options to get rid of your debt. We can help!

  • Do you have debt and financial issues that are causing stress or health problems?
  • Also, do fees from creditors just keep piling up?
  • Furthermore, are you fed up with creditors calling and asking for more than you can afford to pay?
  • Do you find yourself going further into debt by borrowing more money to pay off old debts?
  • Are you behind on a mortgage payment?  Are you facing foreclosure?
  • Do you find creditors raising interest rates on your credit cards unexpectedly?

Most importantly, We can help!  Schedule an appointment for an in-office or by phone consultation. My AZ Lawyers is knowledgeable in the Arizona Bankruptcy Code, familiar with the Arizona bankruptcy law and court process, and we are experienced in successfully representing Bankruptcy cases in Chandler, Arizona.  

Here’s how our Chandler bankruptcy lawyer and staff can help: 

  • Eliminate and erase debt
  • File for an Arizona Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Provide information about the Arizona Bankruptcy process
  • Explain Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy protection
  • Take care of debt collectors and judgements against you
  • Stop wage garnishments
  • Eliminate your credit card debt
  • Stop repossessions
  • Stop civil lawsuits 
  • Help you understand the Arizona Bankruptcy Law 
  • Give you options for your debt relief 
  • Help with pre-bankruptcy planning
  • Negotiate with creditors
  • Assist you every step of the way through the bankruptcy process
  • Help you recover your credit score after the bankruptcy discharge. 


Call our Chandler bankruptcy lawyerEnd Creditor Harassment

Not only does debt bring financial burden that impacts your life, but it also is closely followed by considerable and serious levels of creditor harassment. Additionally for residents in Chandler, Arizona, our Chandler bankruptcy attorney and staff can help to protect you from this harassment. Beginning with your FREE DEBT EVALUATION, we can advise you of you legal rights as a debtor.  Thus, our legal representation includes both options for relieving your debt and helping you to understand if your legal rights are being violated. 

Moreover, filing for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy on your behalf can provide relief from contact by creditors. Bankruptcy is a viable option for anyone who is seeking to eliminate debt and stop harassing creditors. Our Chandler lawyer and debt relief experts understand that you may be faced with the pressure brought about by collection agencies and creditors to collect money owed to them.

Sometimes creditors will use radical methods for debt collection. In some cases, they may even file a lawsuit against you. If your debt situation includes legal action, wage garnishment, foreclosure, or repossession, our Chandler Bankruptcy Law Firm will address these matters and provide the best possible resolution. 

Additionally, there are collection agencies and lenders have a legal right to get debt owed to them, but they are also required by law to follow regulations set forth in the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) that is meant to protect debtors. 


Our experienced legal team can handle any bankruptcy or creditor dispute situation. 


Stop forclosure with bankruptcy in Chandler, Arizona. Chandler bankruptcy lawyer.Stop Chandler Foreclosure

The possibility of losing your home is a frightening thought. Thus, if foreclosure is becoming a reality due to missed mortgage payments and overwhelming debt, contact our Chandler Bankruptcy Attorneys. Our experienced team will immediately address your foreclosure so you are not forced out of your home. We want to help you move forward by eliminating debt and keeping your home. 

Moreover, filing a bankruptcy petition will stop the foreclosure process. Most importantly, a bankruptcy filing puts in place an automatic stay. Therefore, your mortgage lender must stop the foreclosure process as soon as you file. Another benefit of the automatic stay is that it basically terminates the ability for your lender to collect the mortgage. Hence, depending on if you file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will dictate what will happen next.

Furthermore, if problems persist, you should schedule a FREE DEBT EVALUATION and CONSULTATION with My AZ Lawyers and an attorney can explain which bankruptcy is right for you and help answer questions you may have regarding a home foreclosure in Chandler, Arizona.



My AZ Lawyers Chandler Bankruptcy Firm protects clients’ rights in Chandler. Dealing with debt and aggressive creditors, and helping to erase debt is what we do. You must act quickly to protect your family, your finances, your personal and professional life, and your future.  Our bankruptcy law team has the expertise and experience to resolve your case: make the phone call to our law office to begin your fresh start. 





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