Bankruptcy Discharge

A discharge in bankruptcy is a court order releasing a debtor from all of his or her dis-chargeable debts and ordering the creditors not to attempt to collect them from the debtor. A debt that is discharged is a debt that the debtor is released from and does not have to pay.

  • Chapter 7 Discharge: Upon handling of any objections, the court discharges your debts. Provided no creditors file a case, you will receive a notice of discharge around 60 days if you filed bankruptcy under Chapter 7. the discharge process usually happens within 6 months of your filing.
  • Chapter 13 Payments: Under Chapter 13, the trustee takes your monthly payments and makes regular distributions to creditors. The chapter 13 plan usually lasts three to five years, with monthly payments based on your regular income.
  • Chapter 13 Discharge: Upon completion of your chapter 13 bankruptcy payment plan, the bankruptcy court will issues a discharge of any remaining unsecured debts you may have.

If you complete all the requirements and no one objects to your bankruptcy discharge within the time allotted, you will receive a Notice of Discharge in the mail, signifying that you are clear of all dischargeable debts accounted for in the bankruptcy process. (Certain debts, such as child support, alimony, certain taxes, student loans, and some others, are not dischargeable. Our experienced attorneys will help you figure out what non-dischargeable debts you have (if any) and develop a plan for resolving them.)

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