Fresh Start: Prevent Creditors from Contacting You

LawyerOne of the most debilitating aspects of incurring a high amount of debt is the constant harassment from the creditors who advanced you the credit. Our Arizona bankruptcy lawyers understand the emotional toll this takes on you over time, leaving you unable to make any change for the better. One of the ways to stop these creditors from contacting you is to declare bankruptcy. Once you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcy, harassing letters and non-stop calls from creditors will stop. Let the Arizona bankruptcy law firm of the My AZ Lawyers  provide you with the means of stopping such threats. Our debt relief specialists and experienced bankruptcy lawyers will stop these creditors immediately.  Contact us today by either visiting one of our regional offices in Arizona near Phoenix and Tucson for your FREE consultation or set up a FREE Phone Consultation with one of our helpful bankruptcy lawyer and bankruptcy attorneys.

Filing for chapter 13 or chapter 7 bankruptcy protection has many benefits. One of the most beneficial things that happens when filing bankruptcy is, as of the date your bankruptcy is filed, all of your creditors are prohibited from calling you, writing you letters, or taking any further collection activity against you. This means your creditors will no longer be able to call you at home or at work or at all hours of the day and night, they won’t be able to send you nasty collection letters, and they won’t be able to file a lawsuit against you or obtain a writ of garnishment against you.

Q: Who lets my creditors know that I have filed for bankruptcy?

A: The bankruptcy court notifies, by mail, all creditors advising them of:

  • That you have filed bankruptcy
  • Your bankruptcy case number
  • The automatic bankruptcy stay
  • The name of the bankruptcy trustee assigned to your bankruptcy case
  • The date set for the meeting of creditors (341 hearing)
  • The deadline, if any, set for filing objections to the dismissal of  your debts through bankruptcy by the creditor.
  • Whether and where to file claims
Benefits for Filing Tucson Bankruptcy | My AZ Lawyers

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