Stop a Wage Garnishment by Filing Bankruptcy

Sometimes you need assistance for things that are out of your control.  When facing a lawsuit from a creditor or a potential wage garnishment, you may need to contact our Tucson garnishment attorney for help.

One of the best friends of debt collectors is establishing a garnishment of wages against a person when they are owed money.  Once the creditor has the garnishment in place, they are less likely to have a willingness to work with the debtor. Once the creditor refuses to work with the debtor, one of the few choices left is to explore the possibility of filing for bankruptcy to get out from under the wage garnishment.

If you have received a summons, time is ticking and you need to act fast.  Our Tucson garnishment attorney and staff can help you prevent a judgment from being entered against you.  Filing for bankruptcy protection can stop a law suit and put an end to wage garnishment and loss of wages.  Even if the wage garnishment has been going on for months, we can put a stop to further garnishment immediately.

Usually a garnishment will take 25% of your wages.  Living on only a portion of your salary may make even the basic living essentials too expensive.  Facing a lawsuit or judgment?  Seek the assistance of our Tucson garnishment attorney.  Don’t let them take your hard earned money.

Stop a Wage Garnishment in Tucson | Tucson Garnishment Attorney

Filing Bankruptcy Will Stop a Wage Garnishment.


Solutions to a Garnishment or Lawsuit include:

  • Contacting an experienced wage garnishment lawyer and discussing your possible options.
  • Debt Consolidation or Debt Settlement
  • Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Having an attorney contact the creditor to make arrangements to satisfy the judgment.

Will filing a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy in Tucson stop a garnishment?

Filing for bankruptcy stops wage garnishment.  Bankruptcy is one of the quickest and cost effective ways of ridding yourself of the judgment.  Thus, the assistance of a Tucson bankruptcy lawyer would be the necessary vessel to get you on your way to financial freedom. Our Tucson garnishment attorney and staff can file a chapter 7 bankruptcy, a chapter 13 bankruptcy, or an emergency bankruptcy filing to stop a wage garnishment or lawsuit.

Wage Garnishments can happen to people in all walks of life and may be caused by a variety of different things.  When these unfortunate things happen it may be necessary to contact an experienced Arizona bankruptcy lawyer.  Sometimes unexpected medical bills come up and a person is not able to pay.  Non-payment of bills usually leads to a creditor getting a garnishment.  Our Tucson garnishment attorney and staff do not pass judgment on people because of law suits or garnishments.  We realize that things like a recent divorce, a run of bad luck, or the loss of a job can create hard times without much notice or time to save for these circumstances.

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