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  • Know Your Credit Score

    Don’t Let Your Score Slip | Bad Credit Score Leads to Bankruptcy

    by Max Gunderson

    While it may be fair to say that many people in Arizona don’t even know their credit score, they really should pay attention to their credit score as it impacts every major financial decision you make.  This fact puts to rest the saying “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.”  Not knowing your credit score or letting your credit score slip can make your financial life quite complicated. Continue reading “Don’t Let Your Credit Score Slip!” »

    by Max Gunderson

    Just because you have a credit card or are able to obtain a car loan due to your current debt to income ratio, don’t be fooled into be thinking that you have good credit. This may simply be a credit illusion. Another credit myth is that your credit is shot beyond repair once you have filed for bankruptcy. This is simply not the case. On the contrary, filing for bankruptcy in Phoenix, Tucson and throughout Arizona provides you with the opportunity to begin to build credit. Continue reading “What can I Do to Improve My Credit Score after Bankruptcy?” »

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