by Max Gunderson

A bankruptcy attorney is a shrewd investment in a better future. As in any other profession, the choice of practitioner can make a big difference to your outcome should you decide to file for bankruptcy in the Phoenix or Tucson area of Arizona. You should find a Phoenix bankruptcy attorney or Tucson bankruptcy attorney with who you are comfortable.

Regardless of who you ultimately decide to represent you as your Phoenix or Tucson Bankruptcy attorney, you’ll want to take certain things into consideration when determining which bankruptcy lawyer is right for you and your current financial needs.  A few of the places that I suggest you look for your Phoenix or Tucson bankruptcy lawyer include:

  • Ask other attorneys in Phoenix and Tucson or other professionals you know for recommendations as to who to choose as your Arizona bankruptcy attorney.
  • Check with the Arizona State Bar organization to find an experienced and trusted bankruptcy attorney in Tucson or Phoenix.
  • Most bankruptcy lawyers in Phoenix and Tucson advertise, since they hope not to have repeat business, but must continually draw new clients.  Therefore, check out various on-line search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, or Bing when searching for bankruptcy attorneys in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona.

Look for a bankruptcy attorney in Phoenix and Tucson who at least meet these qualifications:

Free Consultation – if an attorney in Phoenix or Tucson refuses to consult with you without charging a fee, keep looking, this is not the right bankruptcy attorney in Tucson or Phoenix for you. Since so many bankruptcy lawyers in Arizona offer free consultations and finances are tight (or you wouldn’t be claiming bankruptcy anyway) you may want to limit your search to attorneys who offer a free consultation. Another option is to consult a bankruptcy lawyer on-line.  This is a quick way to contact a Phoenix or Tucson bankruptcy attorney from home or your office.  Contacting a bankruptcy attorney in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ is easy.  Click here to contact a trusted Tucson or Phoenix bankruptcy attorney.

Experienced – it’s important to find a Tucson bankruptcy attorney or Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer who specializes in or has vast experience in bankruptcy law. There are plenty of attorneys out there, find one who primarily does bankruptcy law. You want a bankruptcy attorney in Phoenix or Tucson, AZ who understands the Arizona bankruptcy laws (new and old) and the rules in Arizona and federally. You want a bankruptcy attorney who has experience with the bankruptcy trustees and judges. Find yourself a Tucson or Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer who has experience, is trustworthy and has a positive track record to represent you.

Affordable Fees – attorneys are expensive, and bankruptcy attorneys are no exception. The new bankruptcy laws enacted in October 2005 has made the process even more work for Arizona bankruptcy attorneys – which translates into more time and higher fees. Therefore, you’ll want to find a bankruptcy attorney in Phoenix or Tucson bankruptcy lawyer who has reasonable fees and is willing to offer you a payment plan (that you can feasibly meet).  I am not saying hire the cheapest bankruptcy attorney that you can find, however, it is important to find a bankruptcy attorney that will work with you and you budget.

An attorney with which you are comfortable – if after your first free consultation or discussion you don’t feel comfortable with the attorney, follow your instincts and keep looking. You don’t want to hire someone with whom you don’t feel comfortable. Remember, you are placing your financial life in the hands of the Arizona lawyer you choose to hire. You will likely want a bankruptcy attorney in Phoenix or Tucson who will answer your questions and not someone who is rushing you out the door. Keep in mind that the more you know about the whole bankruptcy process, the less stressful it will be for you.

Size of firm – some experts suggest choosing a bankruptcy in Arizona who works for a larger bankruptcy law firm, citing that lawyers who work for a small firm may not have the time to talk with you when you urgently need them. However, others suggest that lawyers from small firms will give you more “personal” care. This is a personal preference – the bottom line is you need a Tucson or Phoenix area bankruptcy attorney who you feel will represent you best, regardless of the size of their firm.

If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy in Arizona in the near future, you might want to start looking for a bankruptcy attorney in Tucson, AZ or Phoenix sooner than later. It’s better to be prepared, that way, when and if  the time comes that you want to proceed with filing bankruptcy (whether it’s 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months from now) you’ll be able to move forward swiftly and without worrying who is going to be your Phoenix or Tucson bankruptcy attorney. Contact us to learn more about the My AZ Lawyers and what we can do to guide you through the bankruptcy filing process.