by Max Gunderson

Sometimes things happen that are unforeseen and they can lead to unexpected financial tensions in your life.  When outstanding debt exists and you are able to start servicing your debt, you will always want to try and deal with the original creditor as they can be of a lot more assistance to you. For example, a department store or dentist/doctor will likely work with you to develop a payment plan you can afford in order to service your debt with them. A secondary creditor will not be as helpful, always deal with the “original creditor” when possible.

Another option available to you when you can not pay your bills in full is to enroll in a debt consolidation program. A debt consolidation program is a tool that you can use to get your debt negotiated with your creditors and see whether they will accept less than what the full payment is. To engage into negotiation you can contact a qualified Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona lawyer or you can try and “do it yourself” by writing a letter to the creditor explaining that you would like to settle your account in full, but can not. Your debt consolidation letter should go on to offer a settlement to your creditor for an amount less than you owe.

Something to remember is that a debt consolidation program will not stop creditors from contacting you. You will still receive harassing phone calls and letters from your creditors even though you are engaged in a debt consolidation plan.  Your creditors don’t care and simply want their money. That is one of the many negatives associated with a debt consolidation program. Many attorneys in Arizona will offer you a FREE Debt Evaluation which will make the pros and cons of debt consolidation abundantly clear to you. Your attorney will review all of the options available to you in your current financial situation.  The debt evaluation is usually FREE, take advantage of the attorney’s knowledge and figure out what course of action is going to be the best for you and your family.

Another reliable source of information would be the FTC (The Federal Trade Commission) The FTC offers more information about what consumer rights are with creditors and debt in the Tucson, Phoenix, and all other areas of Arizona.  You should always do your homework and research things thoroughly, especially things that involve you, your family, and your financial situation. The FTC will provide you with sound information.

Not all creditors are going to be willing to work with you in a debt consolidation plan, however, the smart creditors will believe “getting something is always better than getting nothing”. If you explain to your creditors that you have no other choice but to declare bankruptcy if your offer is not accepted, the creditor will have little choice but to accept your offer in a debt consolidation program. If you do end up declaring bankruptcy, your creditor will get none of what you owe them. Unsecured debts such as credit cards, doctor/medical bills, and bounced checks get wiped out in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Tucson, Phoenix, and all areas of Arizona.  Once again, a Tucson or Phoenix area bankruptcy lawyer can help you and you can learn more about whether or not bankruptcy is your best option.

If you don’t pay your bills and filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not an option, your credit account is going to be sent to a collection agency and inevitably they will start harassing you with phone calls and threatening letters. If this is the case, expect your credit rating to be adversely effected. In addition, you are going to be contacted relentlessly by the debt collectors. Please be assured that you have rights though under these circumstances. A qualified Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona bankruptcy lawyer can help you deal with your creditors.

The Bankruptcy attorneys at The My AZ Lawyers, PLLC have arranged our fees on a “flat fee” basis to ensure affordability. Low price bankruptcy that is affordable in Phoenix, Tucson, Chandler, Flagstaff, and throughout Arizona.  You won’t be nickeled and dimed for every phone call or questioned answered as our fees are all inclusive.  We can help you deal with your creditors.

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