A: Credit cards probably contributed to your bankruptcy filing. However, staying current with credit cards after your bankruptcy is an excellent way of rebuilding your credit. Credit cards are usually available immediately after receiving your bankruptcy discharge. In fact, in many cases the very same creditors whose debts were just discharged during the bankruptcy may offer you credit once again. The credit card companies are offering you a “fresh start” with them. The credit card companies are motivated by future profits, not past losses, and see the bankruptcy on your credit report as an opportunity to justify charging you higher interest rates and fees. Secured credit cards, (which require a deposit), are readily available after bankruptcy and can be used just like a regular credit card. Obtaining new credit and managing it wisely is the best way to improve your credit following a bankruptcy — even if obtaining more credit equates to higher interest rates in the short-term. Ask the professionals at bankruptcy-az.com to get you started on one of our credit rebuilding programs.