A recent report in The Arizona Republic gives some hope to valley residents. Despite the on-going nationwide recession, the numbers of bankruptcy filings in Phoenix, Arizona have declined for the 4th consecutive month.

Though Phoenix bankruptcy filing numbers in July fell for a 4th straight month, there is really no cause for celebration. The valley is still mired in a deep recession, unemployment numbers continue to be elevated, and having to file for bankruptcy remains a popular considered option.

A closer look at the bankruptcy filing numbers show that year to date bankruptcy filings in Phoenix, AZ are still up over the 2009 numbers.  July 2010 filings are 11% higher than July 2009 Phoenix bankruptcy filings.

In 2009, bankruptcy filings in Phoenix, Arizona hit an all-time high with 25,104 filings. 2010 bankruptcy filing numbers will undoubtedly surpass the lofty bankruptcy filing numbers of 2009.  The elevated bankruptcy filing numbers are not just confined to Phoenix.  Statewide in Arizona, July 2010 bankruptcy filing numbers were up 11% over July 2009 bankruptcy filing numbers.  Arizona should brace itself for another record setting year of bankruptcy filings in 2010.

Please check out this August 2010 article from The Arizona Republic. “Phoenix bankruptcies continue to fall”.

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