How A Private Investigator Can Uncover Hidden Assets During A Bankruptcy

Private-investigatorAnyone residing in Arizona that would like to file for bankruptcy must keep something in mind; there will be an investigation of assets. If there are any hidden assets, they will most likely be found by the use of a private investigator. The private investigator will be able to access many databases to find assets and they will also be able to use computer forensics to track and locate possible hidden assets.

A private investigator/PI is defined as a person who can be hired by a person or by a group. The goal of hiring the PI is to investigate the actions and/or assets of a person. A PI can be hired by an individual but is often hired by an attorney in some kind of civil case. Arizona Process Server can be hired for many different types of cases, including divorce/child custody and bankruptcy.

In the state of Arizona, there are many reasons a person may choose to file for bankruptcy. Anything from extremely large medical bills to home foreclosure to car repossessions can force a person to file for bankruptcy. Also, a person may try to get out of paying child support by not disclosing all of their assets.

Hidden assets are assets that a person does not disclose having, on paper. Hidden assets can be many things, including: undisclosed deposit boxes, retirement accounts, bank accounts, stocks, savings bonds, donations, real estate property, antiques, cars, boats and much more. If a person filing bankruptcy does not notify the courts that they are in possession of such assets, it is against the law.

By using computer forensics and also by accessing many databases, a PI can quickly figure out if a person has any hidden assets. They possess at least some knowledge of the legal process and understand how to gather and present evidence needed to prove hidden assets.

Those wishing to declare bankruptcy in Arizona should be sure to advise the courts of all assets. If a PI find any hidden assets during their investigation, there could be very serious consequences to the case. Any assets hidden by a person either at an undisclosed location or by family and friends will most likely be found through the course of the bankruptcy proceedings.

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