by Max Gunderson

For some people, filing for Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection is not even an option to consider when they are seeking assistance with their financial problems.  These people are so concerned about doing damage to their credit that they won’t even utter the “B” word because it might somehow do irreparable damage to their credit rating.  That ‘bankruptcy only does harm’ is a myth frequently advanced by lenders and credit card companies who try to discourage bankruptcy, most often to protect their own interests.

Meanwhile, in an unusual twist, banks and credit card companies have been treating people emerging from filing bankruptcy quite differently than you may expect.  People who recently filed for bankruptcy are now being very actively solicited to open new credit card accounts.  Don’t get me wrong, filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is still considered a negative factor by lenders.  The “B” word definitely will leave a black mark on your credit report, however, most people will find a much easier time than ever before getting their credit back after filing for bankruptcy in Arizona.

Frequently, individuals who just filed for bankruptcy can simply open their mail shortly after receiving their bankruptcy discharge to discover a handful of credit card companies soliciting them to apply for a new credit card after bankruptcy.  Even though these same credit cards more than likely contributed to their financial demise, obtaining a secured credit card after bankruptcy in Arizona is a great way to begin rebuilding your credit.

Most people’s idea of ‘The American Dream’ now includes having a great credit score.  Sometimes there are circumstances that come up that the only option to alleviate your financial headaches is exploring the possibility of declaring that “B” word.  Please remember that filing for bankruptcy is your opportunity at a ‘Fresh Start’.  Recent bankruptcy filers can accelerate their road to economic credibility by having a better understanding of the credit system and by taking certain positive steps which will, over time, increase their credit rating.  With a little work and a good understanding, most debtors will be able to rebuild their credit to the point that they can obtain a major credit card very quickly after receiving their bankruptcy discharge.

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