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Nationwide Recession Even Affects Scottsdale, Arizona

There is no denying that the U.S. economy is gripped by its worst recession in recent memory.  The tell-tale signs are there: Nationwide Unemployment Rates are up, consumer spending is down. The Federal Reserve has flooded the economy with money and the government has engaged in numerous bailouts and interventions.The Obama Administration and Congress have enacted several of the largest spending bills in history, with accompanying increases in our national debt. This recent recession is also affecting many people in Arizona, even some of the most affluent cities and suburbs, including Scottsdale, Arizona are feeling the financial woes.  This recession, poor economy and aforementioned financial woes have been long-lasting.  With little relief in sight, many residents in Scottsdale, AZ, and other Arizona communities have been forced to seek help through bankruptcy lawyers in and attorneys in Scottsdale, AZ and debt consolidation firms.

If you, your family, or your business has been adversly affected by the current recession, perhaps it is time to get in touch with a Scottsdale, AZ debt relief expert.  Our Scottsdale bankruptcy lawyers are here to help you learn about the process of filing bankruptcy in Scottsdale, AZ.  If you need to stop a wage garnishment, chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, immediate creditor relief, or some other form of debt relief in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona our experienced bankruptcy lawyers, debt relief experts, and bankruptcy attorneys will be a great asset to have on your side.  Contact our Scottsdale bankruptcy law office today for a free consultation.


The vast majority of people filing for bankruptcy in Scottsdale, AZ and other Arizona communities do not truly know how bad their financial situation is until they see it spelled out in black and white.  Good people everywhere, including Scottsdale, Arizona get into bad financial situations every day through no fault of their own.  Sometimes people lose their jobs and can’t find another job that pays as well, some experience family tragedies; others can’t pay mounting medical bills, etc…

Note: If filing for bankruptcy is the relief that you end up seeking, you will gain additional help as an “automatic stay” goes into effect to stop creditor harassment and other debt collection practices once you have filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.

If you file for a Scottsdale, Arizona bankruptcy, the bankruptcy courts will issue an automatic stay on most pending actions against you. Threatening calls and letters from most of your creditors will end, and legal actions like foreclosures or evictions may be temporarily halted. The purpose of the automatic stay is to give you time to organize your finances and begin repaying your debts. This court ordered protection for debt collection activities provided by bankruptcy’s automatic stay will give you the chance to take a breath after months of harassment by debt collectors and prevent creditors from filing a lawsuit to collect debts.

Sound a little confusing? We can help you better understand the automatic stay associated with filing for bankruptcy and offer you possible alternatives that will help you with your current financial dilemma. We are experienced bankruptcy attorneys in Scottsdale, AZ and understand complexities of Arizona bankruptcy laws.

Something to remember is that the automatic stay does not affect all debts, however. Tax audits, most criminal proceedings, and lawsuits for child support will continue as usual after bankruptcy. To learn more about which proceedings may and may not be halted, contact the Scottsdale, Arizona bankruptcy lawyers at The My AZ Lawyers at (480) 833-8000.

There are all kinds of reasons why good people find themselves in a bad situation financially. If you find yourself in this dilemma, your bankruptcy lawyer in Scottsdale, AZ can help you discover the information you need to provide a fresh start through bankruptcy law and using declaring bankruptcy in Arizona for you and your family. You are not alone! Additionally, your bankruptcy attorney in Scottsdale, AZ will be able to guide you through the whole process helping to assure you that your bankruptcy is not only done but is done the right way.  Don’t let being a victim of the nationwide recession ruin your life and financial freedom.  You deserve a fresh start!

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