Why You Should Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney:
Part 3 of 3: Your Financial Bailout

There are many qualified and dependable bankruptcy attorneys in the Phoenix metro area and Tucson who offer Free Initial Consultations and are willing and waiting to help you through the bankruptcy process. Declaring bankruptcy has many benefits.  One of the benefits is that after filing bankruptcy Chapter 7, your debt is gone and you have the opportunity to make a “Fresh Start” financially.  Filing bankruptcy essentially allows you to completely start over and have the ability to create a better financial future for yourself and your family.  Simply put, this is YOUR FINANCIAL BAILOUT that you’ve been asking for.

While it is true that your credit report will show a bankruptcy filing, it is not as bad as it used to be as so many individuals have filed for bankruptcy over the past years. Being a individual who has declared bankruptcy no longer has the stigma it once did.  In fact, within a few months after filing you will often receive offers for new credit cards in your mailbox.

Granted, these cards usually have a higher interest rate and low amounts of available credit, but if you carefully manage these new credit cards cards, the offers will keep coming, which will allow you to quickly re-build your credit after filing for bankruptcy

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