People at high risk for bankruptcy generally demonstrate several or all of the following patterns:

10 Signs Bankruptcy may be rapidly approaching:

1.  You are having your wages garnished.

2.  You have had your utilities shut off at some point during the past year.

3.  For each month during the past 6 months, at least one of your bills has been paid late.

4.  You have no savings.

5.  You are using a cash advance from one credit card to make payment on a second account.

6.  Your car or vehicle has been or is close to being repossessed.

7.  You have developed a reliance on credit cards to pay for groceries and other major necessities because you don’t have cash.

8.  Your landlord or mortgagor has initiated eviction or real estate foreclosure.

9.  You have been denied a request for additional credit.

10.  Creditors are harassing you non-stop about unpaid bills. They call, they send threatening letter, they won’t leave you alone.

If you said yes to some of the items above it may be time to consider filing for bankruptcy. If some of these Bankruptcy Danger Signs pertain to you, please contact an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Arizona and find out if filing for bankruptcy might be the best option for you.

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