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Mar 27, 2011

What is a “discharge” in bankruptcy?

2018-05-15T16:53:47+00:00March 27th, 2011|Bankruptcy Blog|

What is a “discharge” in bankruptcy? One of the primary goals of an individual filing for a bankruptcy case in Phoenix, Arizona or Tucson, AZ is to obtain relief from all of the burdensome debt. The relief provided by filing for a Chapter 7 or Chapter [...]

Mar 27, 2011

Will Filing For Bankruptcy Solve My Financial Problems?

2018-05-15T16:53:52+00:00March 27th, 2011|Bankruptcy Blog|

Will Filing For Bankruptcy Solve My Financial Problems? If you are considering declaring bankruptcy in Phoenix, remember two things: 1. it’s true that filing for bankruptcy is nothing to enter into lightly. 2. Filing for bankruptcy may not fix all of your financial problems.  Filing for Chapter 7 or [...]

Mar 27, 2011

Employment Today, Times are Tough!

2018-05-15T16:53:52+00:00March 27th, 2011|Bankruptcy Blog|

Employment Today, Times are Tough! Are you unhappy with your current job?  Maybe you should take a closer look at the job market in Phoenix, AZ then be thankful that you are one of the lucky people with a job in Arizona and aren’t out [...]

Oct 8, 2010

Is Foreclosure in Your Future?

2018-05-15T16:53:46+00:00October 8th, 2010|Bankruptcy Blog|

Is Foreclosure in Your Future? Many people in Tucson, Arizona are facing foreclosure.  Foreclosure rates in Arizona are at an all-time high.  Take preventative measures now, make changes to your financial life, and don't become one of the growing number. Are you having problems paying [...]

Oct 3, 2010

Bankruptcy Danger Signs

2018-05-15T16:53:46+00:00October 3rd, 2010|Bankruptcy Blog|

People at high risk for bankruptcy generally demonstrate several or all of the following patterns: 10 Signs Bankruptcy may be rapidly approaching: 1.  You are having your wages garnished. 2.  You have had your utilities shut off at some point during the past year. 3.  [...]

Sep 17, 2010

Car Repossession in Arizona, Avoid it or Suffer the Consequences

2018-05-15T16:54:09+00:00September 17th, 2010|Vehicle Repossession|

In Arizona, it's easier to try to prevent vehicle repossession from taking place than to dispute it afterward. If your car is repossessed you still owe the unpaid balance, the deficiency on your loan