How do I get a collection agency to stop harassing me after paying the balance in full?

I’ve paid the balance, called the collection agency and faxed CC statements as proof of payment to both collection agency & debtor yet still receive letters threatening my credit if I don’t pay again.

A: Sounds like you have attempted to prove to them that you have paid your balance. You may next want to send them a letter via regular mail and certified mail with the proof that you have paid the debt that they claim that you still owe. If a certified letter doesn’t do the job, there are other rights that you have under the Federal Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) which the collection agency must abide by and an act that protects everyone from unfair collections..

If collection action still persists, you may want to hire an attorney to contact the collection agency. Just don’t pay a bill again that you have already paid.

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