Is it necessary to do a consultation with more than one bankruptcy attorney before hiring someone?

I am going to be filing for chapter bankruptcy. I have had a consultation with one lawyer. The lawyer is part of a firm that handles family law issues, this lawyer handles only bankruptcy cases and foreclosures, has been practicing for 4 years and has represented a couple thousand chapter 7 or 13 cases. Based on the consultation, i like this lawyer and I have found positive reviews by clients and peers, no negative reviews, and this person is a rising star on super lawyers. Would it still be smart for me to do another consultation, or is it ok to go with this lawyer with no further consultations. I need to move quickly given my situation.

Answer: Sounds like you have a good start on a positive relationship with your bankruptcy attorney. That is always a good thing. Meeting with another attorney won’t take much time and may give you a different perspective that you like more. Meeting with another attorney could also solidify you feelings about the one guy that you have had a consultation with. Most bankruptcy attorneys offer free consultations, thus, the only thing that you may be out by meeting with another bankruptcy lawyer is your time.

I am not nearly as concerned about the case load of the attorney that you have met as some of the other attorneys answering your question. I would prefer a bankruptcy attorney who has handled a lot of clients vs. an attorney who only does a few bankruptcy cases per month. I am sure that the attorney is used to the busy schedule and has a system in place to handle his case load. If you have concerns that he might be too busy for you or that he might not give you the attention that you may want, give him a call and see how long it takes for him to get back to you. If it is more than 24 hours before you hear from him or if you only get a paralegal or staff member to return your call, then maybe you might want to look elsewhere.

Outside of those concerns, I don’t see why going with your guy would be a problem. A 2nd opinion is nice but not always necessary. You did your due diligence with your guy and have checked his reviews and references.

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