Will My Fiances Debt From Before Our Wedding Affect My Credit?

My fiance is currently having some credit issues. If we get married and after our wedding he decides to file for bankruptcy, will the bankruptcy affect my credit and assets? Even though the debt was before we got married.

Answer: I would recommend seeking the assistance of a lawyer NOW, prior to getting married. There are a couple of factors that come into play and to consider when getting married. First off, your personal credit score won’t be effected by your fiancé filing for bankruptcy, however, your income will be factored in after you are married whereas your fiancé may not be eligible for some chapters of bankruptcy once your income is factored in, which it will be once your fiancé files for bankruptcy (if you are married at the time that he files.)

If you choose to get married before he files bankruptcy, you may have difficulty with any “joint” purchases or financing as his poor credit score will negatively effect your ability to obtain joint financing. There are many variables and things to consider regarding this scenario. Please seek the assistance of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer prior to getting married as it is best to plan ahead to avoid an unfavorable situation down the road.

I hope that this information was helpful for you and that your question was answered.

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