Why You Should Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney:
Part 2 of 3: Properly Filing

Part 2: Properly Filing Government Forms and Bankruptcy Requirements

Another aspect of the bankruptcy filing process that you may not be familiar with is the bankruptcy court filings and requirements. We have heard numerous horror stories about individuals who have filed bankruptcy themselves and have created a bigger mess as the filings are incorrect.  The best thing that you could do is to consult your case with a bankruptcy attorney and let them guide you through the process. Many people who have attempted to file their own case often end up using a attorney to right their ship and get their bankruptcy filed both timely and correctly.

One of the first things that your legal practitioner will determine is if you are currently eligible for bankruptcy. There are new requirements when filing, Arizona such as the necessity to have had credit counseling by an approved credit counseling group within the past 18 months. How does this work?

Once you seek legal advice from an understanding and qualified lawyer at The My AZ Lawyers, you can get affordable and cheap legal help with your bankruptcy. Saving you the problem of trying to figure out confusing government forms and bankruptcy requirements on your own.

Many people get the forms and intend to get it done, and the papers just sit on the desk gathering dust.  All it takes is running into that one question that you have no idea how to answer, and your attempt at filing bankruptcy yourself disappears.  Don’t take chances with your financial future. Speak to a bankruptcy attorney in Tucson who will arrange a time to discuss your case with you.  The firm has a policy regarding clients which includes being affordable, responsive and reliable, and you will know that you are handling the bankruptcy properly and won’t have this extra stress on your plate.

Contact The My AZ Lawyers for help with your Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 filing. Get Started today by signing up for a free consultation at one of our regional Arizona offices near you.

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